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37 Better Business Practices learned Through Monkeys

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Monkey Business-37 Better Business Practices Learned Through Monkeys ---the book based on the monthly column. Heather observed thousands of hours of human workplace behavior and hundreds of hours of monkey behavior and found there is a connection! A portion of every book sold will go to support Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary, Inc. in Woodstock, MD.  Watch the book trailer!

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"Person to person, moment to moment, as we love and laugh, we change the world"

         - Samohira Lyte Kaufman

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Laughter is an effective tool to measure how well the people in your community are getting along.  It boosts morale, breaks down barriers, and gets rid of limited thinking.  Laughter improves health and people relationships.  For more great reasons to laugh, CLICK HERE.




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"Play is not the opposite of work; it is the state in which the best work is produced"

        - Billy Strean, PhD, Certified Professional Coach and Laughter Leader

Workshops available upon request and are ideal for staff meetings, in-services, off-sites, team builds, family reunions, older adult communities, or parties! 
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Contact:  Heather Wandell, M.A., CLL,
Ellicott City, MD

Phone:  (410) 750-2619

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