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     Arthur Koestler summed up beautifully the creativity that laughter often brings when he said, “Ha-ha can lead to Ah-ha!”  Laughter has been known to break down barriers and open up possibility and that is exactly what it did for me at the World Laughter Tours Advanced Laughter Leader Workshop in Columbus, Ohio in November of 2005.  We laughed, we played, and we brainstormed for new and creative ways to spread the spirit of laughter.

     Marilyn Sprague-Smith, M.Ed., CLL closed our training with a workshop on How to Gain a Fat PR Portfolio and Broaden Your Bottom Line.  Marilyn is an award winning consultant, professional speaker, author, and certified laughter leader.  After she got us charged up with ideas, we partnered with someone to brainstorm about how we might put some of these ideas into action.  One way Marilyn mentioned to establish credibility and increase visibility was to get published.   I am currently a staff volunteer at Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary in Woodstock, MD and write for their newsletter.  I told this to my partner, a lovely laughter leader from Kansas named Adrianne, and she excitedly offered that I could write a column called “Life is a Barrel of Monkeys.”  I loved the idea and played with it in my mind on the flight back to Maryland.  It became clear to me how I could tie all of my current commitments and passions together.  I am a certified laughter leader with the World laughter Tour, working on my Masters Degree in the Applied Healing Arts at the Tai Sophia Institute, CEO of my own business, Another Way To See It (Laughter Workshops in the Business Environment), Director of Community Outreach at Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary, and a member of many business networking groups, including service on two Boards.  The idea for my new column, Monkey Business---Better Business Practices Learned Through Monkeys, was born in the air somewhere between Columbus, and Baltimore.  I wrote three columns in the first week I was back and have begun submitting them to local Newspapers.

Heather Wandell is a Certified Laughter Leader with the World Laughter Tour and is the CEO of  Another Way To See It.  Heather is also the Director of Community Outreach at Friskys Wildlife and Primate sanctuary in Woodstock, MD, www.friskys.org.  She can be reached at haw@anotherwaytoseeit.com.   Copyright © Another Way To See It 2006-2009