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     I left a job I had loved and learned from for 13 years to take these workshops out into the community and business world.  There was something that kept calling me to take this a step further for the sake of contributing to a more peaceful world where we feel a deeper connection to one another. I felt it was time to help create a paradigm shift in the workplace, or any other environment where people spend a lot of time together, to allow for new possibilities that create more healing and inviting environments.  I then asked myself, how am I serving by continuing to think small?

      Walter Starcke, in his book Itís All God, talks about a retreat center he had in the Hill Country outside of Antonio, Texas in the 1980ís and most of the 90ís.  He had originally created the center for the purpose of providing a spiritual ambiance where not only his own seminars could take place, but where spiritually minded groups could meet.  He hadnít expected corporate America to become so interested in what he had to offer.  However, corporations started becoming his main clients.  Even though their bottom line was to increase profits, they had consciously or unconsciously put their finger on some simple spiritual principles that will eventually revolutionize industry. Starcke realized that the spiritualization of our nationís corporations is the most important development that can possibly happen for the spiritual growth of the world as a whole.

      Spirituality is merely a shift in consciousness that produces better feeling thoughts.  Laughter is a spiritual experience.